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Recognized by Gartner as a leading global Identity & Access Management C&SI provider, IdMlogic delivers business-ready IAM solutions by integrating its own SIGMA by IdMlogicTM Compliant Access Management portal with leading vendor IAM technologies.

We serve Fortune 500 and SMBs throughout North America and EMEA, across many verticals, including Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Communications, Services, Government and others.

Our singular mission is to deliver valuable solutions to our clients, integrating best-in-class technologies that respond to our clients’ security and regulatory challenges. To that end, we bring in and evaluate technical solutions in our labs, and partner with market leaders in the IAM technologies. Recognizing the need for proactive, business-ready IAM solutions tailored for ease of use, IdMlogic has developed SIGMA by IdMlogic.

As a result of a large number of implementation projects, IdMlogic has a proven, detailed methodology for IAM solution implementation. We have managed and staffed complex end-to-end IAM project implementations in very large international enterprises, and we have implemented point solutions for large and SMB clients. We understand both the technical and business issues around Identity & Access Management.


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SIGMA by IdMlogicTM - Compliant Access Management Designed for Business

Wouldn’t you like to manage Access and Compliance, end to end, from a single console and screen hierarchy? Replacing . . .

IAM Remediation Services

Identity & Access Management (IAM) projects are often less than successful, environments may be unstable, solutions may not achieve their objectives, and clients do not receive full value for their investment.

IdMlogic IAM experts review the solution against corporate goals and requirements, identity gaps, stabilize the environment, and sometimes re-architect the solution as much as is practicable.

These engagements may cycle through strategy and planning, architecture and design, and/or implementation and integration repair - as required to bring projects back on track.

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